Cheeky Anal Douche


Water-fillable, easy-to-use simple to assemble.  Anal douching can be the perfect solution for hygiene and exploration.



Anal Douches are an incredibly useful product for fans of anal sex toys, and anal sex. They work by cleansing the rectal cavity before, or after anal penetration. Many people find that an anal douche helps reassure them about cleanliness and feel more comfortable overall. When done properly and not abused or misused, anal douching can be the perfect solution for hygiene and sexual exploration. The Anal Douche is an easy to use product. Simply screw in the removable tapered tip to the flexible bulb and squeeze. The Anal Douche is a safe and effective way to keep you and your partner clean for anal play. You can add your preferred fluid to the ball then guide with careful insertion for maximum cleaning.

Colors Will Vary.

*** Colours will be substituted if requested colour is unavailable***

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Purple, Blue, Red


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