Lovense Ferri


A unique way to experience pleasure and play virtually!


Experience pleasure like you never have before!

Lovense has created a unique way to experience pleasure and play virtually – making long distance no longer a concern for couples looking to spice up their sex lives!

With Ferri, the Bluetooth vibrating panty vibe, you and your partner can connect from afar thanks to Lovense’s advanced technology. Connecting has seriously never been easier, or more fun!

Lovense’s “sex-tech” allows you to connect with your partner in more ways than one. The Lovense app lets you to take control of the vibrations from either close-range or long distance while customizing the perfect power level and pattern that fits you or your partner’s specific needs. Additional features such as music synching, in-app messaging and video chat are also available, creating an intimate atmosphere for couples from anywhere in the world.

Ferri is a vibrating panty vibe that can be controlled independently or with Bluetooth. The vibrator easily attaches to the user’s panties with a magnetic cap that ensures the toy stays put during use and stimulates the clitoris as they move. Control the product’s functions with ease or choose to control the vibrations through the Bluetooth app. Remain discreet even when you’re in public with the whisper-quiet motor for secret play that won’t ever get you caught in the act!

At a time where physically connecting is harder than ever, Lovense has provided a way to stay intimate from afar. Whether its solo play, couple’s foreplay, or discreet public play, Ferri has something sensational in store for you!

Measurements: Approximately 8 x 3×2.5cm


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