HIDDEN Silicone Pro Intimate Pump


Combine classic suction with blissful vibration!

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Everything you need for clitoral pleasure!

Priming the body for sensuality, adding tons of extra sensation to sex with a playmate, and providing intense clitoral stimulation, the Silicone Pro Intimate Pump combines classic suction with blissful vibration.

To use, place the tickler filled silicone cup firmly against the vaginal area, concentrating on the clitoris. Squeeze the plush pump bulb a few times, re-positioning the cup if needed to ensure a good seal, until the desired level of suction is reached. Release the suction with a valve on the side of the bulb, and repeat as many times as you like- some women report a sensation similar to oral sex with quick suck-and-release maneuvers. Single speed vibration activates with a single push button.

The soft silicone material making up the contact point of Thea is extremely body safe, hypoallergenic hygienic, and an absolute breeze to clean, just be sure to use a silicone compatible (water based) lube if needed, silicone formulas should be avoided.

Requires 1 AA battery (sold separately).


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