LELO Luna Beads Plus


For women looking to improve their intimate needs and achieve longer, stronger orgasms!


Bringing intimate strength training to a whole new standard!

For women looking to improve their intimate needs and achieve longer, stronger orgasms, LELO Beads Plus offers discreet yet intimate strength training with 6 different weight combinations for improved sexual sensations. Put your strength to the test with this luxurious set of six interchangeable weighted beads. Offering a greater variety of different strength training combinations, LELO Beads Plus gently vibrate kinetically in response to your body’s movements, helping you gradually achieve stronger, longer orgasms for enhanced pleasure.

    Offers an efficient pelvic muscle workout when worn during a variety of activities such as walking, swimming –or even sitting. Using reflexive pelvic muscle contractions, a simple exercise routine can be followed consistently with minimal effort.
    Comprised of two 28g, two 37g, and two 60g beads for a variety of resistance training combinations that help build strength over time.
    Ultra-smooth premium silicone that’s extra soft to the touch.
    Smooth, waterproof design is incredibly easy to keep clean.
    LELO warranty 1 year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee
    Body-safe silicone, ABS Plastic, Nylon string

*Assembled LELO Beads measure approximately 6.75″ (17.14cm) in total length. They’re about 3.5″/9cm insertable. Each Bead is approximately 1.4″ (3.5cm) in diameter. One of the purple, pink and blue Beads each features a retrieval cord for a total length of 5″/12.7cm


  1. Karen Petrovich

    Very good for Kegel exercises that strengthen my muscles. That means stronger orgasms, more pleasure. One product with multiple effects. There are three sets and I am already used to playing with two. The third one is the heaviest and I will need some time to be fully comfortable with it. Knowing that it will help me enjoy myself more, I am ready to keep on using it. Plenty of combinations with these balls. They are manufactured very well and I have not had any problems with them apart from wanting to use them all at the same time and enjoy myself as much as possible. Well, as they say, moderation is key.

  2. Elena Petrova

    Good beads. I use them as often as I can. I did not know that using them would improve my pelvic floor. My orgasms are stronger now. Looking forward to even stronger ones. Well made and nice design. Easy to use. Fun.

  3. Julia Fernandez

    Lovely design and very functional. I had no idea that the beads would make my orgasms stronger. I will keep exercising in order to make them even stronger. The three sets of balls are easy to use. They are soft and really safe. I really like them.

  4. Martha Bush

    Excellent for Kegel exercises. That means stronger muscles, more pleasure. I feel so good after these exercises. 3 sets of beads means plenty of weight combinations. I started with the lightest pair and moved my way on to the medium one. Experimenting with the heavy one just a little. It is not just a product for my pleasure but for my pelvic floor as well. Cute colors.

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