Liberator BonBon Toy Mount


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Prepare for erotic excitement and fun with this sweet treat!


Treat yourself to something delicious!

Are you ready for the best bedroom treat?  The BonBon Toy Mount is a delight beyond expectations and perfectly shaped to sit on or straddle.! This Liberator Shape accommodates vibrators and dildos (with & without a base) for hands-free solo use or with a partner during lovemaking. Prepare for erotic excitement and fun with this sweet treat. Ideal for solo play, the BonBon is a fan favorite. The super dense foam supports you while straddling, leaving your hands free for exploration. Indulge in this clever addition to your sex toy mount collection, and turn any toy into the ultimate sweet spot confection. Covered in a machine-washable, mircovelvet cover the BonBon feels as good as it sounds! Under that cover lies a moisture-resistant liner to help keep moisture away from the dense foam.

  • Length: 15″
  • Width: 8.5″
  • Height: 12″




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