Renegade Erectus Rings


The Ultimate Accessory for Prolonged Pleasure!


Stay Standing at Attention!

Staves off too-soon ejaculation and intensify orgasm!

The Erectus Rings are supple and comfortable cocks rings that prolong pleasure and add excitement to your day! Super-stretchy and full of potential, these rings offer a firm hold, helping you last longer and stay your hardest!

Enhance erection strength.

Stave off too-soon ejaculation.

Improve stamina.

Increases pleasure for both partners during sex.

Made from silicone, the Erectus Rings are hygienic, hypoallergenic, and safe for intimate use. Easily cleaned, the rings are fully sanitized using a good toy cleaner and warm water, and are best used with water based lubricant.

  • Small Ring Diameter: 1″
  • Large Ring Diameter: 1.25″


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