Renegade Infinity Ring


Enhances erection strength, helps improve stamina, and increases pleasure!


Staves off too-soon ejaculation and intensify orgasm!

Simple, extra user friendly and ultra effective, Renegade’s Super Stretchable Infinity Ring comfortably enhances erection strength, helps improve stamina, and, most importantly, increases pleasure for both mates during sex.

Uniquely shaped into the namesake infinity symbol, this dual ring holds snug around the base of the penis and balls simultaneously. Maintaining a thick, firm erection while constriction the testicles for a thrilling ‘tug’ effect, the Infinity’s dual design not only staves off too-soon ejaculation, but works to intensify his orgasm when the time finally comes.

In super smooth silicone, the Infinity won’t pull body hair, plus, this material is extremely body safe and completely hypoallergenic. Cleans easily using a quality toy cleaner and warm water.

The Infinity Ring stretches from approximately .9″ (2.3cm) at both top and bottom.


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