Screaming O Premium Ergonomic Panty Vibe


Engage in mischievous play in public with your partner!


Enjoy a night of play in public!

Put the power of pleasure into your hands –– or your lover’s –– with this fun-filled panty vibe. It fits discreetly into a side-tie lace panty to keep it perfectly in place. Even with all the power needed to deliver 20 nerve-tingling functions, this panty vibe is quiet. The only sounds you’ll hear will be moans, groans & heavy breathing.

Open the box and you’ll see a sultry lace panty with stretchy side ties that fit up to a 60 inch waist. There’s a special pocket inside to keep the vibe in place, right where it needs to be to make anyone feel…so stimulated!

This 20 function vibrator is operated by a remote control that fits in the palm of your hand. Wear the panty and use it yourself during special solo sessions. Those 20 functions aren’t just geeky tech talk, they’re ready to tease, tantalize –– and finally give you full release!

Or pair the panty with lingerie, then hand the remote to your lover for special bedroom games. Even wilder, wear this panty under your regular clothes, go out to a movie or dinner, and let your lover give you some surprise “buzzing” when you least expect it!

The person holding the remote has the power to tease, please and make their partner plead for more – and control what happens next!

Whether you both want to embark on games of submission & dominance –– or just enjoy some good intimate buzzing in epic fashion –– have your Screaming O Premium Ergonomic Panty Set ready to play!

Toy measurements: 1.75″ x 1.15″



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