Spartacus Seamless Metal Rings


Discover the perfect blend of pleasure, style, and functionality with these exceptional rings, designed to enhance your sensual exploration.


Experience the ultimate in pleasure and comfort!

Expertly crafted for penis-owners, these versatile rings can be worn on the penis, balls, or both, providing a firmer erection and more intense orgasms. Designed to elevate your intimate experiences, these durable rings can also be used on strap-on harnesses for added versatility and pleasure.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, these seamless rings are exceptionally durable, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your collection. The smooth finish of the rings ensures a comfortable fit, while their sleek, modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your intimate play.The three-ring sizes cater to different preferences and needs, allowing you to find the perfect fit for maximum pleasure. Suitable for use with any lubricant, these rings offer compatibility and convenience for a hassle-free experience. Cleaned easily with toy cleaner and warm water.

  • Small Ring: 1.5″
  • Medium Ring: 1.75″
  • Large Ring: 2″


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