Tenga Egg


Different strokes from different yolks!


Super-Stretch Sleeves for Pleasure!

The super stretchable elastomer concealed within each Egg expands drastically for a snug fit regardless of your size. This unique male masturbator is great as a novelty gift or a perfect travel companion. Tenga Eggs come in numerous different textures for whatever your desire.

TENGA’s unique super-stretch material stretches to accommodate most sizes!

Crack open the shell-like casing and pour in the attached lotion pouch and you’re ready to go!



*Textures are chosen at random*


  1. Ryck

    These are amazing, the only thing better is a fleshlight. I buy these 6 at a time. Some last 3 uses others last about 10 or more. If you clean them out and use lube. I find the none “round bump” ones feel the best. Great for travel or if your partners who are not good at HJs (this will make them good). They are not silent, but not too loud either.

    I would recommend tenga eggs for anyone that needs to be discreet or needs more than just a hand.

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