Kimono MicroThin XL Condom


Microthin XL are Extra Large and Extra Thin!


Microthin XL are Extra Large and Extra Thin! Sheer Size, sheer pleasure, sheer safety, these Kimono Microthin XL condoms are 38% thinner than standard condoms and crafted to exacting standards of quality for over 30 years, these XL Extra Large Kimono condoms have earned the Crown of the “Thinnest Extra Large Latex Condom”. Through advanced latex engineering FDA and ISO specs are exceeded time after time.

Kimono Microthin XL are lubricated without spermicide.

Microthin XL are .056mm thin compared to the Trojan Magnum XL at .085mm thin. Kimono XL are FDA approved for disease and pregnancy prevention.

12 Pack


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