Pillow Talk


Re-ignite that fire with Pillow Talk!

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Time to do some Pillow Talking!

If you feel the heat in your relationship has begun to run out of steam, or if you simply want to turn it up a notch, now is the time to re-ignite that fire with Pillow Talk!

Combining classic card games with scintillating rewards intended to reignite passion and lust between couples, Pillow Talk is a fantastic rainy day (or night) activity sure to set the bedroom ablaze.

Included in the box, you’ll find a standard set of playing cards, and a reward deck, which contains various communication-centered sensual and sexual scenarios to be bet on or carried out right then, depending on how you play. A detailed rule booklet gives play options, but you can always use your imagination to come up with some creatively customized versions of your own.

  • Playing Card Deck
  • Reward Deck
  • Rule Booklet


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