Hot Love


Complete your ultimate sexual fantasy!


Make your sex life scorching hot!

Gather the cards that complete your ultimate sexual fantasy. You can combine Hot Sex playing cards in hundreds of ways from romantic to kinky, and everything in between.

A rummy-style, romance card game for all couples.

Instead of the traditional 4 card suits, we have 4 types of sexual adventures numbered 1-12, Romance, Roleplay, Fetish, and Sex. Each of the 4 categories will take you on a journey that begins with foreplay and other activities that get progressively more intimate and ends with sex!
Hot Love will spice up your next encounter, multiple ways to play, never the same game twice.
Includes: 53 Cards, 12 Romance Cards, 12 Roleplay Cards, 12 Fetish, 12 Sex and 4 Wild Cards

Make your sex life scorching hot with this game!


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