The Best Sex Dice Game Ever! Erotic Dice


Match the Dice and Find Your Pleasure!


It’s a Little Like Naughty Yahtzee®!

Are you ready for a spicy version of a well-loved classic?

The Best Sex Dice Game Ever! Erotic Dice is played with five die similar to the classic game, but with card play included that takes this game to a whole new level. The special dice have six illustrated sides: Front, Back, Touch, Lick, Love, and Kiss which correspond to card decks providing suggestive actions to be acted out by the winner of the game.

The winner is rewarded by drawing from the Sex Card deck to get the ultimate reward—SEX! 


  • 1 Dice Cup
  • 5 Sexy Dice
  • 75 Activity Cards
  • 1 50-Page Score Pad

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