Shunga Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream


Are you ready for the best rain of your life?


Your G-spot has a new best friend!

Find and please the intensely orgasmic G-spot with Shunga’s Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream. The teachings of the Geisha spoke of a technique that involved ‘arousing the sacred point’ in order to achieve the ultimate orgasm, which often caused a clear fluid to ‘rain’ from the vagina. In today’s terms, the ‘sacred point’ is the g-spot, an area on the upper wall of the vagina, that when stimulated, can bring on the most intense orgasms and possible female ejaculation. This great kit contains a big bottle of arousal cream, and a colourful booklet with diagrams, sexual positions and tips and tricks for finding the G-Spot.

Rain of Love G Spot Arousal Cream is applied inside the vagina and helps swell the G-Spot area, making it more accessible. To use, apply on the tip of the finger and massage gently in a circular back and forth motion inside the vagina and on the G-Spot area. The cream has been developed to stay where applied.
Ingredients: Water/Eau (Aqua), Safflower Seed Oil/Huile de carthame (Carthamus Tinctorius Oil), Glycerin USP/Glycérine USP, Sweet Almond Oil/Huile d’amande douce (Almond (Prunus Dulcis) Oil), Pecan Oil/Huile de pacane (Carya Illinoensis Seed Oil), Glycereth-2 cocoate, Polysorbate 20

Bottle contains 3oz/100ml.


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