Sex & Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle

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Great Gear for BDSM and Bondage Beginners Who Are Ready For Some SEX & MISCHIEF!


Show a Little Love With a Kinky Heart!

A naughty way to show your sub some love!

The Sex & Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle is designed with a sleek handle, and an open heart-shape design for erotic impact play! The Shadow Paddle offers a crisp, thuddy hit that can leave a mark with enough force. The wrist strap helps secure the paddle to the user, but also offers a convenient storage options when not in  use.

Intensify Bedroom Play With Gentle Taps or Increase Sensation with Firmer Swats!

  • Length: 11.5″
  • Width: 1.5″

Discover the Pleasure World of Sex & Mischief, HERE!


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