HIDDEN C-Ringz Hardcore Cock Cage

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Discover the Thrill and Excitement of Chastity Play.

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Put Your Lover on Lockdown!

Fasten the lock, hide the key, and make sure your partner keeps his cock where it belongs!

The Hardcore Silicone Cock Blocker is a high-end chastity cage that features a sturdy stainless steel adjustable ring that wraps around your subject’s entire package, leaving his shaft locked inside the breathable silicone sleeve. Designed for long-term wear, the Hardcore offers unparalleled comfort, as this ventilated cage is the ultimate chastity device for first-timers and serious fetish enthusiasts alike. The silicone sleeve has a small pee-hole to assist urination, and the entire device can be worn under clothing for amazing one-of-a-kind thrills!

Enjoy the thrill of locking your lover up, or relinquish control and hand over the keys!

Made from Elite Silicone and stainless steel, the Hardcore Cage is hygienic, hypoallergenic, and safe for intimate use. Easy to maintain, the Hardcore Cage includes vent holes that allows you to clean your subject’s package while they still wear the cage, or the cage itself can be cleaned with a quality toy cleaner and warm water. Best used with water based lubricants. 

Includes 2 Keys

  • Sleeve Length: 3.75″
  • Sleeve Diameter: 1.6″
  • Ring Adjustable Diameter: 1.7″ to 2″


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