Kama Sutra Trust Me Erotic Kit


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Perfect for Lovers who Would Like to Experiment with Bondage Play!

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Discover Your Lover with this Sensual Kit!

Trust is a key! When you can try new things with your partner; things get exciting!

The Kama Sutra Trust Me Erotic Play Set allows you to unleash your sexual desires and fantasies and make them your reality by providing the tools and guidance, that when done properly, builds trust! Imagine handcuffing your partner and using the sensual feather to play, punish and torture them. What about using the kissable powder and oil on that one spot on your partner’s body that makes them go wild! Having this ability to get to their pain or tickle limits and staying there while you both enjoy that moment is an amazing thing! Explore new sexual adventures through BDSM or add some heat to your already hot sex life.

The Trust Me Kit Includes

Satin Brocade Handcuffs
A luxury set of soft lace handcuffs with a chain attachment for gentle restraint play.

Sensual Feather Tickler
Feather tickler for sensual application of Honey Dust, sensory play and so much more!

Kama Sutra Erotic Play Cards
12 Kama Sutra Play Cards for hours of erotic entertainment with your lover including position and wild cards.

Honey Dust Chocolate Caress (56 g)
A kissable, moisture-wicking body powder to encourage sensual touch and oral play.

Oil of Love Original (22 ml)
A water-based kissable foreplay oil that activates a warming sensation on the skin upon light breath. Best used on erogenous zones of the body and has an included dropper for application.

Love Liquid Classic (6 ml)
A water-based personal lubricant that makes love-making effortless. The luxurious formula provides a smooth, natural feel for enhanced pleasure. The long-lasting lubricant has a silky glide and is fragrance free.


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