Splash Dry Blanket


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Do what you have to, do as you want to, without getting wet or making a mess!


The Love Zone for waterproof sexual adventures!

Don’t let the worry of a wet mess keep you from enjoying your pleasure! The Splash Dry Blanket is the waterproof blanket you deserve in your life! Move over uncomfortable, scratchy towels, forget stained and ruined sheets, Splash Dry is a life-saver! (and a mattress saver too!)

An essential piece for your toy box, the Splash Dry Blanket is also convenient for outdoor activates and for people with children or pets! It creates a totally waterproof barrier, keeping the wet where you want it! Splash Dry offers the opportunity to use your massage oil, lubricant, or let go of all your bodily fluids without restraint! Once your activity is done, simply remove the Splash Dry blanket and everything under or around will be perfectly dry and unblemished.

The Splash Dry Blanket is made from “Cool Dry” polar fleece, making it easy to clean and quick drying! Vivilo is dedicated to providing the best quality possible, so your blanket stays comfortable and durable!

Please Note: Fabric Softener should not be used with cleaning this product.


  • Regular: 50” x 60” (127cm x 152cm) (Pink/Blue)
  • King: 76’’ x 80’’ (193 cm x 203 cm) (Pink/Black)

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Regular, King


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