Bullet Persuasion


The thrill of dual pleasure!


Play like you’ve never played before!

The Persuasion Bullet is unique in a sense that you can plug in 2 bullets into the same controller. The thrill of knowing you can have dual pleasure is something that you can be excited about. With its unique design, the controller fits comfortably in your hand and the ease of controlling the 3 speed massager with your thumb is something to be desired. Get an extra bullet and play like you’ve never played before!

  • 1.58” (4.01cm) Bullet length
  • 0.63” (1.60cm) Bullet diameter
  • 31.5” (80.01cm) Cord length
  • 4.90” (12.44cm) Controller length
  • 1.40” (3.55cm) Controller width
  • 0.82” (2.08cm) Controller depth
  • Twin Jack Sockets
  • 3 Speed Controller
  • 3 AA Batteries


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