The Handy


Masturbate like the real thing; a natural experience!


Masturbate like the real thing; a natural experience!

The Handy is a super-powered back-and-forth motion device that provides every move for you! The Handy is the first device with a realistic reciprocating rhythm; it imitates the mouth, the hand, all kinds of penetrations! Aa an industry first, this revolutionary tech is sought after amongst pleasure seekers as the Handy creates pleasure unlike ever before offering a mind-blowing orgasm that mixes in the sensation of intense heat and friction! To fuel all that power, the Handy is crafted with a solid, brushless motor making it quieter, stronger, safer, and more durable than a traditional motor, meaning faster moves at higher speeds! The Handy includes a masturbation sleeve that fits almost any penis size, adapting to your size as there is no outer casing to restrict stretch. You can customize your Handy experience by using your own masturbation sleeve as many existing sleeves are compatible with the motion device. The Handy’s body is made from high-strength ABS plastic for a lightweight, easy-to-hold experience.

The Handy is a full decked out in user-friendly, intuitive tech that easily becomes second nature. The Handy can be connected wirelessly to a computer or phone via WiFi for remote control of the toy, or access Adult Movies designed for use with the Handy. Watch as the Handy synchronizes to the actions of the adult star, recreating the movie for you in real time! The Handy can even be paired with Virtual Reality Glasses! The Handy is constantly evolving, and will update automatically when connected to WiFi, keeping up-to-date on all the fun!

Not looking for a super technical toy? The Handy can be used tech-free as it plugs into the wall, offering a 110v constant supply of power and manual control. The Handy is not a wireless toy.

The removable masturbation sleeve is easy to clean and fully sanitizes using a good toy cleaner and warm water. Please let the sleeve fully dry before returning it to the Handy’s body. The body is not waterproof and should be spot cleaned if needed. The Handy is compatible with water based lubricants only and should be kept away from silicone lubes and oils.

  • Length: 10.5″
  • Diameter: 2.75″
  • Movement Speed: 1-10 strokes/second
  • Movement Length: 1.18″ – 4.33″
  • Power Supply: 110V


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