Sling Ring


An ingenious triple C-Ring that wraps around your length, balls and base for maximum support and hardness


Ball Sling and Ring All in One!

The Sling Ring is a slick, stretchy sack for your balls! Guaranteed to feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before, the Sling Ring can be worn as a simple ball-stretcher to push down those bad-boys, worn to feel “the boys” banging during sex, or to create some padding for a bigger bulge. Gripping your balls like a second skin, the Sling Ring creates a hotter-than-hot impression no matter how you choose to play!

Made from flexible, ultra-soft TPR, the Sling Ring will fit most and is easily cleaned using a good toy cleaner and warm water.

  • Length: 4.62″ unstretched
  • Width: 3″ unstretched



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