Fun Factory Sundaze


Take it nice and slow, and you’ll be headed for a completely new level of intensity: the slowgasm!


If you’re having great time, where’s the rush?

Take it nice and slow, and you’ll be headed for a completely new level of intensity: the slowgasm. The idea is to break your orgasm habits and discover, step-by-step, uncharted paths to an exciting new climax. The most important thing? Just relax. Don’t overthink it—give your body time to take it all in. Be open to the new sensations and feelings.

That is what SUNDAZE is all about. This Pulse Vibe moves back and forth, slowly, gently tapping — then faster and more urgently, or with rhythmic thrusts. SUNDAZE works by delivering a completely new kind of stimulation-pulsing, tapping, vibrating, and thrusting action. Unlike conventional vibrators, the Pulse Vibe stimulates three different types of nerve endings at once.

Different nerve endings process different kinds of sensation—and SUNDAZE offers a lot of those. Plus, alternating between different types of sensation keeps you from becoming habituated to just one. Meet the nerve endings SUNDAZE reaches.


Respond to light touch, like the tapping settings of SUNDAZE.


Detect pressure and vibration, i.e. SUNDAZE’s first three settings.

Feel when skin moves and stretches. Use the pulsation settings for these!

It targets just the right spots with pressure and tapping that make everything tingle. The only thing to do is relax and get in the mood – the rest takes care of itself. The SUNDAZE even offers a Forward Function to provide a unique, hands-free experience.

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, SUNDAZE is an ideal option for those with skin sensitivities and those who value their overall body health. 100% waterproof, SUNDAZE is perfect for the erotic user who enjoys pleasure in the shower or tub. SUNDAZE’s waterproof design also makes it easy to clean, simply use a good toy cleaner and warm water before and after use. Compatible with your favourite water based lubricant.

Made in Germany.

  • Total Length: 6.9″
  • Insertable Length: 4.53″


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