Sutil Luxe


For a luxurious long lasting glide and silky sensual pleasure.


Performs like silicone…without the silicone!

Sutil Luxe is a luxurious, long-lasting water based lubricant with a silky, sensual feel that heightens pleasure! Made with the safety of your body in mind, Luxe uses the finest botanical Eco-Certified ingredients, is paraben-free, glycerin-free, and offers a pH Balance of 4.5! Sutil Luxe is also tasteless, condom-safe, and toy-friendly for maximum engagement! All this in an earth-smart, biodegradable tube!

  • Propanediol: (Zamea) A gentle Humectant derived from corn through an environmentally sustainable process.100% bio-based. Moisturizing and soothing.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Is found naturally in the body. It binds with water to create a viscous gel for lubrication of joints and tissues. Moisturizing and Hydrating. Appropriately named “Nature’s Moisturizer”. Plant sourced.
  • Nelumbo Nucifera Root Extract: Lotus Root water extract provides essential nutrients and presents a perfect bio-affinity with the skin. Moisturizing, nourishing and soothing.
  • Oat Beta Glucan: Replenishes moisture to the skin. Hydrating and soothing.
  • Gluconolactone* Sodium Benzoate*: Eco-Cert preservatives.


Aqua, Propanediol* (Zamea, botanical source), Hyaluronic Acid (Botanical source), Nelumbo Nucifera Root Extract* (Lotus Root), Oat Beta Glucan*, Gluconolactone*, Sodium Benzoate*,Citric Acid.

*Eco-Certified Ingredients

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